Developing Day-1 Performers

Business solutions

Helping people develop rewarding careers

G5's cyber academy aims to solve the skills gap of security professionals in the Caribbean. The main objective of the academy are:

  • To train Caribbean nationals with employable cyber security skills.
  • To help skilled cyber professionals find employment
  • To help raise the security awareness of non-IT professionals and citizens.

Business solutions

Train teams

Train staff members and third-parties with the required cyber skills and knowledge to execute your business processes. Engage with the academy because:

  • We use very practical and realistic training scenarios.
  • Our trainers are experienced.
  • Our sessions save your staff travel time, money and energy.
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Recruit job seekers

Employ trained and skilled candidates from the academy to fill open positions and grow your business. Recruit from the academy because:

  • Our students are practically trained to adapt
  • Our students receive continuous support from us to maintain their skills
  • We offer free cyber background checks on all student referrals.
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